2024 Brisbane Kokoda Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

After 8 long months of planning, scheming, training, training, and training some more, the 2024 Brisbane Kokoda Challenge teams were as ready as they could be to tackle their chosen distance on Saturday 1 June 2024. For the first time since its inception, we had 2 teams enter the Brisbane 30km Challenge, and from all accounts, the track is just as difficult as the 48km track!

The weather looked ominous with a bit of rain at the start line of the 48km Challenge and a forecast of up to 20mm for the afternoon. But we didn't let that deter us from our Challenge. Heading off into the hills, the six B48 teams flew through the first 2 checkpoints (CP), meeting our amazing Support Crew (SC) at 23km. Here we were fed, watered, geared up for the afternoon session, and sent off again in under 15 minutes. Thank you, SC, for the super quick turnaround. You certainly were put to the test with 5 of the 6 teams all arriving one after another over the course of 2 hours.

As the hours wore on, the teams traveled through the hilliest section of the course with spirits high as we got ever closer to the finish line. But then the rain started, and some of the teams spent hours getting wet as we tackled the final 15km. But then the lights appeared and the cheers were heard as each team got closer and closer to the finish line. And before you knew it, we were DONE!!! Medals awarded, photographs taken, hugs received, and the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge was done for another year. And the best news….for the first time since we started these annual shenanigans in 2018, we had EVERY SINGLE STUDENT CROSS THE FINISH LINE!!!

Together, we have raised $7,241 so far for the Kokoda Youth Foundation with another 5 weeks to go until the Gold Coast 96km Challenge where the TLC Warriors will finish off their Kokoda Pinnacle Campaign. We are accepting donations right up to the 14 July, please click this link: Kokoda Challenge - TLC Warriors.

Team Results:


  • TLC Rangers – Led by David Peake and TLC Striders, Janice Clement and Alison Dell, combined their teams to finish in 8h 41m


  • TLC Fighters – Led by Andre Britz: 9h 45m, 5th place of school teams
  • TLC Wanderers – Led by Tom Sellers: 11h 19m
  • TLC Soldiers – Led by Geoff Elliott: 11h 54m
  • TLC Trekkers – Led by Elly Thompson: 12h 20m
  • TLC Warriors – Led by Karen Ball and Tony Dell: 12h 50m, 2nd in school division and 8th overall in the Pinnacle Challenge
  • TLC Squadron – Led by Charmaine Clydesdale: 13h 49m

Congratulations to all our incredible teams and supporters! Let's keep the momentum going and gear up for the Gold Coast Challenge!

Karen Ball | Kokoda Coordinator